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We are a cloud platform, solving every problem of all businesses along with a community.

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It is impossible for a single company to solve all the problems. But, it is more than possible if done with a community.


Register your email address and a password with us once and they help us identify who you are from that time onwards.


To work from anywhere you need a central place in the internet that can store your business data, process and return it whenever you need it.

You can do this by simply adding an account for your business with us. This would create a server which you can access using its unique website. To add a new business account, you just need to fill in three input boxes and press a button. That's it!

You can now access your business account with its website, from anywhere, anytime and using any device.

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Imagine you bought a new smartphone. What would you do the first thing with it? Install your favourite apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Maps, etc, right?

Similarly, the server you created for your business account will have an Apps Shop app, similar to the "App store", where you can search apps for your business needs, install, and start using them in your server.

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With a set of apps from the Aalam App Shop one can use their business account for any purpose.

Gift your customer a great way to shop from your own online shopping site.
Manage orders, settlements, and taxes from various E-Commerce operators like Amazon
Prepare GST invoice with utmost ease. Download the auto-generated GSTR1 reports and upload it to GST portal to complete GST filing.
The digital presence for your business. Upload your website code and get hosted in a minute.


Your credit card information will never be asked.
You can pay only if it adds value to you.

Free trial for 30 days

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Billed monthly for the usage

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A small/medium business using all free apps, would be billed in the range of
₹300 - ₹500
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