Own your Online Shop

With No Technical Expertise With No Upfront Investment Monthly Pricing of ₹2500

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Free trial for 14 days

How it works?

With a set of apps from Aalam App Store, you can easily setup your online shop.

1. Add a Business Account

2. Upload Product Details

3. Start Selling

Run it in your own terms!

We just give you the utilities to run your shop. Your freedom in your business will not disrupted.

Usage Based Pricing

Pay only for what you have used

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No Commission

We don't interfere in what you sell and how much you sell.

Your Choice of Shipping

We don't mandate you in the choice of your shipment method.

What you get?

Our vision with this product is to enable our customers to run a fully functional online shop without any effort or technical expertise.

Domain Name

Your online shop can work with your domain name.

It works in https:// with your domain name at no extra cost


We have used the latest encryption standards which have never been broken till date..

Payment transactions will be through https:// pages certified by PCI-DSS standard.

Your data is stored and processed from Tier-III datacenters and each bit of your data is replicated thrice.

Ease of Use

You have the complete control over your online shop.

All you need is just a smartphone and internet.

The interfaces are very intuitive to add/modify/delete products and product details.

More Features

Email and SMS notifications for you and your customers.

Built in SEO. Your customers can find your products easily in Google and other search engines

Hosting personalized pages for your business can be done as well.

An Android app with which you can run your shop from anywhere.

Automatic calculation of Shipping Charges for every order

Lots of payment options

Shop Themes

For now, one theme is available at free of cost.

Since this is an open platform, any developer can submit themes to our store.

Subscribe and get notified whenever a theme of your need gets uploaded to the store


Billing is based on your website's resource usage. Resources include storage, processing power and internet data. Visit here to know more

If your online shop usage is less, your charges would be lesser.

Typical usasge costs about ₹2500 - ₹2800 per month.

How to start?

If you have an android device you can build your shop through our android app

If you don't have an android device, you can start from here

If you need our assistance to setup, call/whatsapp us anytime at +91 93 66 66 11 33 (44)

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Some of the frequently asked questions.

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Can I add my employees to my business account?

How will I know if there's a new order?

If I want to switch to a new theme, will there be a problem?

Since this is priced based on usage, is there a place where I can monitor my usage?

How and where can I pay, when my trial period ends?

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